Meneertje koekepeertje! · 2.10.11


Architecture In Development · 20.09.11

Check out the introductory film Quinten and I made for Architecture In Development. A platform aiming to re-connect sustainable development to architecture with user-generated content, so join!!!


Ruskweb, my first website · 29.03.11

Would you look at that?! We’re talking ’99?


Pecha Kucha · 25.03.11

I’ve been asked to give a Pecha Kucha presentation in The Hague:


Milan · 3.03.11


HD City · 3.03.11

Rudin Swagerman - HD City


I'm a proud daddy! · 26.12.10

Welcome Milan!


Exciting times! · 21.11.10


Daily! · 12.10.10

The daily is functioning again! With v-annemarie as a happy user!

You can now connect the daily to your flickr account!
Upload images and add the date as title: 20101010.

Did all that?! Go check it out:

Enter your user_id:

user_id?!! Visit to find out!

...or create a photoset with your daily entries!

Enter your photoset_id:

Did you even know?! The daily has a long, long history:


new BananAlbum site! · 15.09.10

Finally! A brandnew website for BananAlbum:


Bookmarklet for mobile viewer · 8.09.10

Visiting a BananAlbum with your iPhone or iPad and there’s not one image being shown?! Then it’s probably generated with an older version without the mobile viewer…
No problem! Just ‘install’ this so-called bookmarklet*:

Now the contents of the BananAlbum you’re visiting are presented in the mobile viewer! It doesn’t always work though… ;-(

*Bookmarklets are little pieces of Javascript code that can be saved as ordinary bookmarks. It’s a handy way of giving super-instant access to useful tools and special functionality.


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